Into the Word began humbly, as most things do, almost as a parody, an afterthought.

Josh Tester, a youth pastor in Western North Carolina, needed a play for the 2015 Spirit-Us Conference. He commissioned singer-songwriter & California-expat, Aaron D. Ybarra, to create one.

The first draft took a mere two weeks to write. It has survive relatively unchanged through all its stages of editing- an unheard feat- and has earned praise from the get-go.

The first performance only had a one week window of rehearsal time- once again, unheard of- and was greeted with sonorous applause during its two week run.

From there, it passed into the hands of producer and executive director, Danny Ybarra, and composer/musician, Rob Rinderer, who have taken the musical to wonderful new heights, bringing in a host of amazing talent to record the CD and artist, Tom Clark, to design the epic cover. Not to mention Bob Ybarra, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Perris Valley, to provide the teaching outline for supplemental spiritual instruction.

This whole project has been a dream come true. We warmly and eagerly invite you to join us in this dream by purchasing the CD and/or going on the put on your own production of our little work.

Blessings to you all,

The ITW Staff


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